Digi was born August 8th, 1991, in Oakland California, but was raised primarily in Virginia Beach, VA. He has two little brothers--Victor, born in '93, and Shade, born in '97, with whom he is very close. His family moved houses constantly while he was growing up, and he was always a small, girly-looking kid, so he had a lot of difficulty making friends or fitting in. He spent most of his youth bouncing between different obsessive interests, until landing on Pokemon for four years, and from there becoming a Nintendo fanboy. Digi often credits his childhood subscription to Nintendo Power as the source of his interest in reviews and critical writing about media. He spent a lot of his childhood trying to put together his own magazine, and was writing review-like content from about age 11.

In the early 2000s, Digi became addicted to the internet, and spent most of his time posting on forums. In 2007, he started up an anime blog, and quickly found that the freedom which it allowed him to talk about whatever he wanted without having to worry about how people reacted to it was inviting. He ran this blog in the background while trying to launch a career in other creative outlets, believing that the blog could never possibly amount to anything.

After graduating high school, going to community college and changing majors several times before dropping out two years later, wresting with long-standing depression and eventually bottoming out, Digi spent some time as a NEET. In that time, he got really into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and started writing about it. In 2012, Digi was inspired to become a youtuber after finding out that people had made careers out of it, and got a job at Target in order to buy equipment to make videos of decent quality. Once he was set up, Digi decided to test out his video making abilities by adapting one of his posts about MLP:FiM into video form--and when that video was unexpectedly successful, he quickly went all-in, and had a meteoric rise into popularity as Digibrony, an MLP youtube analyst.

After about a year and a half of making videos as Digibrony, Digi found his interest in the show and community waning, and decided it was time to branch back out into anime and video games, which he'd been primarily writing about before. He spent most of 2014 transitioning his videos and audience out of MLP and into anime, and from there eventually grew to become one of the most popular anime youtube channels around.