Alright, motherfuckers. This is the real shit now. This is the part where we just dump every single link to any page that Digi's ever run which is still available online. Some of this won't even lead to anywhere, or will be so out of context that it will be incomprehensible. This is the place to come if you've seen all of the Digi content that anyone cares about already, and just want to go full-in on exploring the full depth of everything he's ever made like some kind of obsessive. There's a chance you'll find some cool an interesting stuff in your exploration, and a guarantee that you'll find some weird, cringey bullshit that you don't understand. Good luck and godspeed.

(Note: this page is NOT meant to start an ARG, but some of the links here go to failed attempts to do exactly that.)

Youtube Channels

Digibro (active)

Digibro After Dark (active)

Digi Bros (active)

The Pro Crastinators (active, joint-run)

Digi Does Anime (inactive)

Modal Hsoul Productions (inactive)

Gamecube Chats (inactive)

Black Rose (active, secret shh)

DigisFavoriteAlbums (inactive)

List Bro (inactive)

Conrad Collins (inactive)

Dorkass Acapella Bros (inactive)

trialofthegoldenwitc (inactive)


Bandcamp: Trial of the Golden Witch (active)

Soundcloud: Digibro (active)

Soundcloud: Black Rose (active, secret shh)

Purevolume: Trial of the Golden Witch (inactive)

The Buttchug Brawlers (guest album)

Wordpress Blogs

My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull (active)

Fuzakenna! (inactive)

We Remember Love (inactive, guest contributor)

I Hate Bee Train (inactive)

Is That You, Moatilliatta? (inactive)

Cirno & Purple Steve (inactive)

Shameful Otaku Secret (inactive, guest contributor)

The Digi Bump (inactive)

Suspended Animation Dreams (inactive)

Nobue Maniax (inactive)

Dark Dreams at the End of the World (inactive)

Carnavas City Blues (inactive)

Shovel Rock (inactive)

We Remember Love Specials (inactive, guest contributor)

Digibro's Lyrics Compendium (inactive)

Modal Hsoul Productions (inactive)

Not Unlike the Waves (inactive)

Wishgiver Salome (inactive)

Euphoric Field (inactive)

Inverted Sweetie Belle (inactive)

Embodiment of Scarlet NEET (inactive)

Digi's Stamp of Approval (inactive)

Sanzenin's Servant (inactive)

They Remember Love (inactive)

The VA Beach Hermit Society (inactive)

Iconclasm (inactive)

Dark Dreams @ Mt. Hell (inactive)

Mahou Shoujo & Henshin Papa (inactive, none of the writing is Digi's?)

Paleololicon (inactive)

Ultimate Loli Apocalypse (inactive)

Why no Season 2? (inactive)


Digibro (active)

Conrad C (inactive)

Tumblr Blogs

Scarlet Monochrome (inactive)

Digibrony (inactive)

Digiboy's Travel Diary (inactive)

I Will Review Everything I Eat (inactive)

Tales From the 7-11 (inactive)

Ask Discorded Digibrony (inactive)

Digi's Favorite Songs (inactive)

Digibrony Fanart (inactive)

Adult's Only Digibrony Fanart (inactive)

Digicurious Fanclub (inactive)

MLK Score Spam (inactive)

The Rabbit Hole (inactive)

Reddit Boards

r/Digibro (active)

r/reccompendium (active)

Other Social Media

Patreon (active)

MyAnimeList (active)

Reddit (active)

Hentai Samurai (active)

Letterboxd (active)

Twitch (semi-active)

My Figure Collection (semi-active)

Facebook (semi-active)

Deviantart (inactive)

Goodreads (inactive)

Dailymotion (inactive)

Google+ (inactive)

Metal-Archives (inactive)

Baka-Updates Manga (inactive)

GameFAQs (inactive)

MyOtaku (inactive)

Ancient Weblogs

Digital Boy Reviews (inactive)